quarteira sea front promanade

Visiting Quarteira

quarteira promenade

There is a beautiful palm-laden promenade running along behind the beach, which is lined with cafés and restaurants if you want to break from the beach for something to drink or for a bite to eat.

Quarteira has been re-modeled in recent years, however it has managed to retain its Portuguese character and is popular with Portuguese and English holidaymakers alike. The best part is the lovely palm-lined promenade, where you can spend time relaxing with lovely walks along the seafront and on the outdoor terraces of cafés and bars all around.

The beach at Quarteira is an ideal asset to the resort for a family holiday - apartments and hotels line the sea front so have fabulous views and easy access to the gorgeous beach and all the restaurants and cafés. The long sandy beach is ideal for children and the water here is calmed by a series of breakwaters, giving safer swimming conditions.

Quarteira has a vibrant local fishing community and the fishermen can be seen at work at the western end of the beach. The catches are sold at the nearby fish market early in the morning and will end up on your plate for lunch or dinner the same day.

Quarteira also offers a huge range of culinary delights, with the emphasis, of course, on the beautifully fresh fish and shellfish dishes such as grilled sardines and "cataplanas" of fish and a variety of additives!


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Quarteira Waterfront

Quarteira New Year

quarteira beach new year

Quarteira Beach Front Square

quarteira beach entertainment square

Quarteira Beach Sunset

quarteira beach sunset

Sea Front Celebrations

quarteira beach sea celebrations

Quarteira Fishing


Quarteira Beach in Winter

Quarteira Beach in Winter

Quarteira Fishing Fleet

Quarteira Fishing Fleett

Quarteira Fish Market

Quarteira Fish Market

Quarteira Beach Fishermen

Quarteira Beach Fishermen


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